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We have high quality O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts for the Slim PSP model # 2000. Check our always growing selection of items. If you don't see what you need contact us to see about getting it. We will add an item to the website once we receive enough requests for that part.

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PSP Slim KHM-420BAA Laser

$34.99 $29.99
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OEM Official Factory version PSP 2000 2001 Slim TFT Screen.

PSP 2000 2001 Slim LCD Screen

$39.99 $29.99
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TA-088 Mainboard

PSP Slim TA-088 Motherboard Mainboard Logic Board

$89.99 $79.99
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KHM-420BAA PSP Slim Laser Optical Lens

PSP Slim Laser Lens UMD Laser Replacement Service

$99.99 $89.99
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